The Essential Elements of a WIPO Development Agenda:
What Could Constitute Success?

Restaurant La Perle du Lac, 126 rue de Lausanne, 13.00 - 15.00
Geneva, Switzerland, 6 June 2007

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Building on the policy seminar on the Future of the Intellectual Property System, which ICTSD organised in Nyon, Switzerland in November 2006 (for more information, visit: http://www.iprsonline.org/unctadictsd/dialogue/2006-11-20/2006-11-20_desc.htm), the dialogue focused on the minimum elements needed for a successful outcome to talks on a WIPO development agenda, as well as how outstanding and future issues might be addressed.

In order to facilitate discussion, ICTSD invited two experts, Ron Marchant (former Director of the UK Patent Office) and Sisule Musungu (University of Bern) to jointly prepare a working document identifying the essential elements for success and provide suggestions for a possible road map for achieving the objectives of a WIPO development agenda. The working document was presented at the meeting.


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