Transfer of Climate Change Technologies: Challenges and opportunities for Copenhagen and beyond

Organized by ICTSD

Marriot Hotel Copenhagen, Skagerrak & Kattegat

Room Kalvebod Brygge, Copenhagen. 9:00-12:45, 16 December 2009

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The objective of the dialogue is to examine, in an informal setting, the main options and proposals raised in the climate change negotiations on technology development and transfer as well as to identify the main issues and gaps that need further discussion and elaboration in the post Copenhagen period, in order to reach an effective international framework for enhancing the diffusion of climate change technologies to developing countries.

Promoting the rapid introduction and adoption of climate-friendly technologies is critical to enhancing broader efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, enhancing the transfer of technologies required for the mitigation and adaptation of climate change by developing countries is considered an essential element of any new climate change deal.

Climate change negotiations reflect the complexity of the issues relating to technology development and transfer. They also reflect significant divergences on different aspects discussed (institutional and operational) as well as on related topics such as intellectual property, trade, and financing. In the climate change context, there is still significant uncertainty as to the best manner in which to provide effective mechanisms and incentives for the transfer of clean technologies, as well as the barriers that need to be overcome.

Nevertheless, in recent weeks, a number of elements have emerged from the preparatory meetings which could be part of a growing consensus on a “technology package”. These include: drawing lessons from existing partnerships and arrangements, technology action plans, regional centers for technology and innovation, the need to devote greater attention to climate change technologies for adaptation. Many aspects of these different elements still need to be worked out. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) remain the most controversial issue in the technology transfer discussion given the continued wide gap in positions.

The dialogue will examine these elements and issues in order to identify gaps and priorities with a view towards generating solutions-focused and policy-oriented outcomes to promote the transfer of climate-related technology.

Since the UNFCCC Bali meeting, ICTSD has expanded its activities of research, analysis, and multi-stakeholder engagement to increase understanding and enhance dialogue on transfer of climate change technology, particularly through its Climate Change Technology and Trade Initiative. Research and dialogues carried out in this area will be presented with a viewtowards enriching the discussions and advancing the policy dialogue.

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