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Exploring the Relationship between GIs and TK: An Analysis of the Legal Tools for the Protection of GIs in Asia, August 2007.
Authors: N.S. Gopalakrishnan, Prabha S. Nair and Aravind K. Babu

Enjoying a Good Port with a Clear Conscience: Geographical Indicators, Rent Seeking and Development, 2006.
Author: William A. Kerr, Estey Centre for Law and Economics in International Trade

The Treatment of geographical indications in recent regional and bilateral free trade agreements, 2006
Authors: David Vivas Eugui and Christophe Spenneman

Indicaciones geográficas y su uso sostenible, 2006
Author: Jorge LARSON

The International Protection of Geographical Indications: The Asian Experience
, 2004.
Author: Dwijen Rangnekar, CSGR and the Law School, University of Warwick.

Geographical Indications: Implications for African Countries, 2005
Author: Catherine Grant, Trade Brief, TRALAC

Geographical Indications and Challenges for ACP Countries, 2005
Discussion Paper

Geographical Indications and Property Rights: Protecting Value-Added Agricultural Products, 2004.
Bruce A. Badcock and Roxane Clemens

The Socio-Economics of Geographical Indications, A Review of Empirical Evidence from Europe
Issue Paper No. 8, by Dwijen Rangnekar, 2004.

Geographical Indications in Indian Context: A Case Study of Darjeeling Tea
, 2003.
Author: Niranjan Rao / Indian Council for Research on International Econimic Relations.

Geographical Indications: A Review of Proposals at the TRIPS Council, Extending Article 23 to Products other than Wines and Spirits
Issue paper No.4, by Dwijen Rangnekar, 2003.

Geographical Indications beyond Wines and Spirits: A Roadmap for a Better Protection for Geographical Indications in the WTO TRIPS Agreement, 2002.
Author: Felix Addor, and Alexandra Grazioli
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