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Innovation, intellectual property and competition - a legal and policy perspective
Author: Dr. Duncan Curley, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery UK LLP.

A criação de um ambiente competitivo no campo da propriedade intellectual - o caso sul americano
Author: Denis Borges Barbosa

The ability of select sub-Saharan African countries to utilise TRIPs Flexibilities and Competition Law to ensure a sustainable supply of essential medicines: A study of producing and importing countries.
Author: Tenu Avafia, Jonathan Berger and Trudi Hartzenberg

Promoting Checks and Balances in a World of Strengthening Intellectual Property Policies, 2005.
Carsten Fink

Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Policy and Innovation, Is there a Problem?
Author: P.A. Geroski

Intellectual Property, Competition and Development
Martin Khor

Intellectual Property, Competition and Human Rights, the past, the present and the future, 2005
A Brown and C Waelde

Market Concentration Of The Transnational Pharmaceutical Industry And The Generic Industries In The World: Latest Trends on Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Transactions
, 2004.
Author: Barbara Rosenberg/ Ministry of Justice, Brazil.

Intellectual Property, Competition, and Information Technology, 2004.
Authors: Joseph Farrell Carl Shapiro / Institute of Business and Economic Research - Competition Policy Center (University of California, Berkeley)

The Relationship Between Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law: An Economic Approach, 2004.
Pierre Régibeau and Katharine Rockett / University of Essex and CEPR

The Value of Compettion: Interaction and Competition R&D and IP
, 2004
Author: Christine Greenhalgh & Mark Rogers / Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre at St. Peter's College.

Application of Competition Law to Rights Management in the Music Market: Some Orientations, 2003.
Author: Herbert Ungerer / European Commission, Panel Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA), 11 Juin 2003.

Cities in Competition as Business Locations, 2003.
Author: Nicholas Ordway / College of Business Administration, University of Hawaii.

Competition and Intellectual Property Law and Policy in the Knowledge-Based Economy, 2003.
Author: Federal Trade Commission for The Consumer.

EU Enlargement: Intellectual Property and Competition Law Issues, 2003.
Author: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer.

Fair Trade: A Balance of Intellectual Property, Competition and Other Rights, 2003.
Author: Interamerican Association of Industrial Property (ASIPI).

International Competition Law - A Missing Link between TRIPs and Transfer of Technology, 2003.
Author: Josef Drexl / Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law.

Roadmap on Current and Emerging Intellectual Property Issues for Business (available in Spanish), 2003.
Author: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The Competition Provisions in the TRIPS Agreement: Implications for Technology Transfer, 2003.
Author: Frederick M. Abbott / Joint WIPO-WTO Workshop Intellectual Property Rights and Transfer of Technology, Geneva.

Capacity Building for Post-Doha Pre-Negotiations: Regional Seminar on Competition Policy and Multilateral Negotiations, 2002.
Author: Statement of the Hon'ble Minister for Commerce, Mr. Amir K. Mahmud Chowdhury, MP / Session on "Competition in the Context of Globalisation", Hong Kong: April 16-18, 2002.

Competition Policy and the Exercice of Intellectual Property Rights (Revised Version by the UNCTAD Secretariat), 2002.
Author: Trade and Development Board, Commission on Investment, Technology and Related Financial Issues, Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Competition Law and Policy, Geneva, 3–5 July 2002.

Developing countries and international IP standard-setting, 2002.
Author: P. Drahos / Study Paper 8, Commission on Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR).

Intellectual Property: Balancing Incentives with Competitive Access, 2002.
Author: Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2002, World Bank, Chapter 5.

Regulatory Standards in the WTO: Comparing Intellectual Property Rights with Competition Policy, Environmental Protection, and Core Labor Standards, 2002.
Author: Keith E. Maskus.

Task Force on Industrial Competitiveness and Intellectual Property Policy, 2002.
Author: Japan Patent Office.

The relative impact of trade liberalization on developing countries, 2002.
Author: M. Weisbrot, D. Baker / Briefing Paper, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Washington.

Competition Policy and TRIPS Background Note
, 2001.
Author: F. Martinez / The Centre for European Policy Studies.

Construing Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Policy Consistently with Facilitating Access to Affordable AIDS Drugs to Low-End Consumers, 2001.
Author: James Thuo Gathii / Florida Law Review, Vol 53, N°4.

Consumption and trade in off-patented medicines, 2001.
Author: H.E. Bale / Working Paper, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), N°65.

Differentiated pricing of patented products, 2001.
Author: J. Barton / Working Paper, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), N°63.

Effect of Market Competition on Cross-Border Intellectual Property Rights Litigation, 2001.
Author: Eric P. Chiang.

Intellectual property rights and International R&D Competition, 2001.
Author: Stefania Scandizzo / IMF Working Paper, IMF Institute, .

Intellectual property rights in the global economy, 2001.
Author: K.E. Maskus / Institute for International Economics (IIE), USA.

La Politica de la Competencia y el Ejercicio de los Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual , 2001.
Author: Informe revisado de la secretaría de la UNCTAD, Comisión de la Inversión, la Tecnología y las Cuestiones Financieras Conexas, Grupo Intergubernamental de Expertos en Derecho y Política de la Competencia, Ginebra, 2 de julio de 2001.

Liberalisation, multinational enterprises and export performance: evidence from Indian manufacturing, 2001.
Author: A. Aggarwal / Working Paper, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER), N°69.

Managing IPR How firms protect their intellectual property rights in fast changing environments, 2001.
Author: P. Sohlman / TU-91.167 Seminar in Strategy and International Business, Helsinky University of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Institute of Strategy and International Business.

Parallel Imports in Pharmaceuticals: Implications for Competition and Prices in Developing Countries, 2001.
Author: Keith E. Maskus / Final Report to World Intellectual Property Organization under terms of Special Service Agreement.

The multilateral trading system: a development perspective, 2001.
Author: M. Khor (ed.), Third World Network / United Nations (UN) Development Programme (UNDP).

From GATT to WTO and beyond
, 2000.
Author: S.P. Shukla / Working Papers, The United Nations University (UNU), World Institute for Development Economics Research (WIDER), N°195.

Regulatory Standards in the WTO: Comparing Intellectual Property Rights with Competition Policy, Environmental Protection, and Core Labor Standards, 2000
Author: Keith E. Maskus / Working Paper 00-1, Institute for International Economics

Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries: Interests in Unilateral Initiatives and a WTO Agreement
, 1999.
Authors: Keith E. Maskus, Mohamed Lahouel / Prepared for the World Bank Global Conference on Developing Countries and the Milllenium Round, Geneva, September 20-21, 1999.

Competition Policy and the Exercice of Intellectual Property Rights, 1999.
Author: Massimiliano Gangi.

How stronger protection of intellectual property rights affects international trade flows, 1999
Authors: C. Fink, C.A. Primo Braga / World Bank.

Intellectual property rights and globalization: implications for developing countries, 1999
Author: C. Juma / Center for International Development (CID), Harvard University.

The TRIPS Agreement Without a Competition Agreement?, 1999
Authors: T. Cottier, I. Meitinger / Working Paper, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, N°65.

WTO: Understanding the Development Angle [Trade and Development Background Briefings], 1999
Authors: IDS, DFID, C. Stevens / Institute of Development Studies, Sussex.

Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights
, 1998.
Author: OECD, Directorate For Financial, Fiscal and Entreprise Affairs, Committee on Competition Law and Policy.

Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge-Based Economy, 1998.
Author: General editors: Robert D. Anderson, Nancy T. Gallini / University of Calgary Press.

Structural change in the biotech seed and chemical industrial complex, 1998.
Author: M.L. Hayenga / AgBioForum, Vol. 1, N°2, pp. 43-55.

Trade issues in India: WTO case study, 1998.
Author: WTO, EDI / Trade and Development Centre.

Intellectual Property Rights, Foreign Direct Investment, and Competition Issues in Developing Countries
, 1997
Authors: Keith E. Maskus, Guifang Yang / Policy Discussion Paper, Centre for International Economics Studies, N°97/09.

Intellectual Property Rights and U.S.-Japan Competition in Biotechnology: Report of a Workshop
, 1991.
Author: Committee on Japan, National Research Council / Workshop held on 18 January 1991, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC.



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