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Acuerdo sobre Agricultura de la OMC: Políticas macroeconómicas que afectan al Sur, 1999.
Author: Martin Khor / Revista del Sur, N°89.

Au-delà de l'UPOV, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Beyond UPOV: Examples of developing countries preparing non-UPOV sui generis plant variety protection schemes for compliance with TRIPs, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Comercio, propiedad intelectual, alimentacion y biodiversidad, 1999.
Author: Geoff Tansey / documento para Debate, Escrito para Quaker Peace & Service, Londres, en asociación con la Oficina Cuáquera ante las Naciones Unidas, Ginebra.

Commerce, propriété intellectuelle, alimentation et biodiversité, 1999.
Author: Geoff Tansey / document de discussion, Ecrit pour le Comité Quaker pour la paix et le service (Quaker Peace & Service), Londres, en association avec le bureau Quaker auprès des Nations Unies, Genève.

Crops and Robbers: Biopiracy and the Patenting of Staple Food Crops. Preliminary Findings of an ActionAid Investigation, 1999.
Author: Baxter, B., S. Mayer, A., Wijeratna; London, ActionAid

Dérivation essentielle et dépendance, Informations pratiques, 1999.
Author: International Seed Federation.

El Saqueo de Recursos Biologicos: Es necesario una acción coordinada del Sur, 1999.
Author: Tewolde Berhan Egziabher / Revista del Sur, Julio-Agosto 1999.

Enclosing the global plant genetic commons, 1999.
Author: R.W. Herdt / Paper prepared for delivery at the China Center for Economic Research, May 24.

Essential Derivation and Dependence: Practical Information, 1999.
Author: International Seed Federation.

Ethics and transgenic crops: a review, 1999.
Author: J. Robinson / Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile, Vol 2, N°2, Issue of 15 August 1999.

Genetically Modified Crops: The Ethical and Social Issues, 1999.
Author: Nuffield Council on Bioethics.

Handel, geistiges Eigentum, Nahrungsmittel und biologische Vielfalt, 1999.
Author: Geoff Tansey / Ein Diskussionpapier, In Auftrag gegeben von Quaker Peace & Service, London, in Verbindung mit Quaker United Nations Office, Genf.

Intellectual Property Rights and Agricultural Biotechnology, 1999.
Authors: M. Blakeney, J.I. Cohen, S. Crespi / in J.I. Cohen (Ed.), Managing Agricultural Biotechnology: Addressing Research Program Needs and Policy Implications, CAB International, pp.209-227.

Intellectual Property Rights and Agriculture: Interests of Developing Countries, 1999.
Author: Jayashree Watal / Paper Prepared for the World Bank's Integrated Program of Research and Capacity Building to enhance participation of developing countries in the 2000 WTO Negotiations.

Intellectual Property Rights in Agriculture: The World Bank's Role in Assisting Borrowaer and Member Countries, 1999.
Authors: Uma Lele, William Lesser, Gesa Horstkotte-Wesseler Editors / The World Bank.

La protection des obtentions végétales pour nourrir l'Afrique?, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

La UPOV en pie de guerra por el control de los cultivos, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

L'UPOV sur le sentier de la guerre, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Maiz en el Sudeste Asiatico: arrozales convertidos en campos dorados, 1999.

Patentes, Pirateria y Falsas Promesas, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Plant variety protection to feed Africa?: Rhetoric versus reality, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

¿Protección de variedades vegetales? Versos y realidades en Africa, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Public Agricultural Research and the Protection of Intellectual Property: Issues and Options, 1999.
Authors: M. Mywish, F. Erbisch, A. Naseem, A. Hightower, J. Oehmke, D. Weatherspoon, C. Wolf / AgBioForum, Vol. 2, N°3-4, pp.247-252.

The World Trade Organisation and Food Security, 1999.
Author: UK Food Group / UK Food Group Position Paper.

Trade, Intellectual Property, Food and Biodiversity: Key Issues and Options for the 1999 Review of Article 27.3(b) of the TRIPS Agreement, 1999.
Author: G. Tansey / Discussion Paper, Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), Quaker Peace and Service (QPS), London.

TRIPS, Traps or Dice? Gambling with world food security, 1999.
Author: RAFI (Rural Advancement Foundation International) / Echoes, the World Council of Churches' cluster on "Issues and Themes", Justice, Peace and Creation team.

UPOV on the War Path, 1999.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Biopiracy, TRIPS and the Patenting of Asia's Rice Bowl, 1998.
Authors: BIOTHAI, MASIPAG, PAN-Indonesia, GRAIN.

Convention of Framers and Breeders (COFAB), 1998.
Author: Gene Campaign.

Diez razones para decir NO a UPOV, 1998.
Authors: Foundation GAIA - Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

Intellectual property rights and concentration in agricultural biotechnology, 1998.
Author: W. Lesser / AgBioForum, Vol. 1, N°2, pp.56-61.

Proprietary biotechnology inputs and international agricultural research, 1998.
Authors: J.I. Cohen, C. Falconi, J. Komen, M. Blakeney / Briefing Paper N°39, International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR).

Sui generis rights: from opposing to complementary approaches, 1998.
Author: N. Louwaars / Biotechnology and Development Monitor, N°36, p.13-16.

TRIPS, Biotechnology and Global Competition, 1998.
Author: G. Alam / Briefing Paper, Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS), N°2.

Ten Reasons not to join UPOV, 1998.
Authors: Gaia Foundation - GRAIN / Global Trade and Biodiversity in Conflict, Issue N°2.

Patent on seed sterility threatens seed saving, 1998.
Author: V. Lehmann / Biotechnology and Development Monitor, N° 35, p.6-8.

Review of the TRIPS Agreement, 1998.
Authors: A.Seiler, J. van Wijk, Y. Massieu, V. Lehmann, C. Håkansta, A. Kirschenmann, F. Kirschenmann, N. Ngoc Hai / Biotechnology and Development Monitor, N°34.

Sui generis systems: obligations and options for developing countries, 1998.
Author: A. Seiler / Biotechnology and Development Monitor, N° 34, p.2-5.

Various options for sui generis rights systems, 1998.
Authors: H. Ghijsen, M.S. Swaminathan, P. Balakrishna, W. Lianchamroon, G. Singh Nijar, N.P. Louwaars, D. Leskien, J. Breekveldt, J. Jongerden, D. Wood / Biotechnology and Development Monitor, N° 36.

The Parts of Life: Agricultural Biodiversity, Indigenous Knowledge, and the Role of the Third System, 1996
Author: P.R. Mooney / Development Dialogue, Special Issue • The Journal of The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation.

IPR driven restructuring of the seed industry, 1996.
Author: S. Sehgal / Biotechnology and Development Monitor, p.1821.

How does stronger protection of intellectual property rights affect seed supply? Early evidence of impact, 1996.
Author: J. van Wijk / Natural Resource Perspectives, Overseas Development Institute, N°13.

People, Plants, and Patents: The Impact of Intellectual Property on Trade, Plant Biodiversity, and Rural Society, 1994
Author: The Crucible Group / International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Agricultural Crop Issues and Policies. Managing global genetic resources, 1993.
Author: Board on Agriculture, National Research Council / National Academy Press, Washington DC.

Intellectual Property Rights for Agricultural Biotechnology: Options and Implications for Developing Countries, 1993.
Authors: Jeroen van Wijk, Joel I. Cohen, John Komen / ISNAR Research Report, A Biotechnology Research Management Study, N°3.
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