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A Briefing on TRIPS, 2000.
Author: World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Manila.

Access to essential medicines in developing countries: does the WTO TRIPS Agreement hinder it?, 2000
Author: J. Watal / Science, Technology and Development Discussion Paper, No. 8.

A patent policy proposal for global diseases, 2000.
Author: J. Olson Lanjouw.

Drug patents in French-speaking Africa, 2000.
Author: P. Boulet, Gilles-Bernard Forte / Unofficial translation of the MSF-WHO-UNAIDS report, Joint Mission MSF-OMS-ONUSIDA, Cameroun, 6-10 February 2000.

Drug pricing [in South Africa], 2000.
Authors: A. Gray, T. Matsebula / South African Healt Review 2000, Briefing Summary, Health Systems Trust.

El ABC del Patentamiento de la Vida, 2000.
Author: Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN).

El Sistema de Patentes en Crisis? Practicas de Patentamiento Farmaceutico, 2000.
Author: Carlos Correa.

Essential Drugs in Southern Africa Need Protection from Public Health Safeguards under TRIPS, 2000.
Author: R. Loewenson / BRIDGES, ICTSD, Vol. 4, N°7, September 2000.

Global trade and health: key linkages and future challenges, 2000.
Authors: Douglas W. Bettcher, Derek Yach, G. Emmanuel Guindon / Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Vol. 78, N°4.

How Stronger Patent Protection in India might affect the Behavior of Transnational Pharmaceutical Industries, 2000.
Author: Carsten Fink / Policy Research Working Paper, The World Bank Development Research Group, N°2352.

Integrating Public Health Concerns into Patent Legislation in Developing Countries, 2000.
Author: C. Correa / South Centre.

Patent Law and Its Application to the Pharmaceutical Industry: An Examination of the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Extension Act of 1984., 2000.
Authors: W. Schacht, J. Thomas / Congressional Research Service Documents, Washington, D.C., USA.

Patent Protection and Access to HIV/AIDS Pharmaceuticals in Sub-Saharan Africa., 2000.
Authors: Lee Gillespie-White, Venus Griffith, Albena Petrova, Stetson Sanders, Paul Salmon / International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI).

Patent situation of HIV/AIDS-related drugs in 80 countries, 2000.
Authors: P. Boulet, J. Perriens, F. Renaud-Théry / Joint UNAIDS/WHO publication.

Pharmaceuticals and the WTO TRIPS Agreement: Questions and Answers, 2000.
Authors: P. Boulet, J. Perriens, F. Renaud-Théry, G. Velasquez / Joint UNAIDS/WHO publication.

Report of the Inter-Regional Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in the Context of Traditional Medicine, 2000.
Author: World Health Organisation (WHO) / Bangkok, Thailand, 6–8 December 2000.

The Pharmaceutical Industry and World Intellectual Property Standards, 2000.
Author: F. M. Scherer / Vanderbilt Law Review, Vol. 53, N°6.

The Canadian Generic Medicines Panel A Dangerous Precedent in Dangerous Times, 2000.
Author: R. Howse / BRIDGES, ICTSD, Vol. 4, N°3, April 2000.

The Long Shadow of Patent Expiration: Do RX to OTC Switches Provide an Afterlife?, 2000.
Authors: Ernst R. Berndt, Davina Ling and Margaret K. Kyle / paper presented at the National Bureau of Economic Research - Conference on Research in Income and Wealth, Symposium on Scanner Data and Price Indexes, Arlington, Virginia, September 15-16, 2000.

The TRIPS Agreement and pharmaceuticals: report of the ASEAN workshop on the TRIPS agreement and its impact on pharmaceuticals, 2000.
Authors: K. Timmermans, T. Hutadjulu / Directore General of Drug and Food Control (Indonesia) and World Health Organization (WHO).

World Trade Organisation agreements: implications for equity and health in Southern Africa, 2000.
Author: G. Munot / Equinet Policy Series, Regional Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa
(EQUINET) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) Health Sector Co-ordinating Unit, N°4.

Essential drugs in the new international economic environment, 1999.
Authors: G. Velasquez, P. Boulet / Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Vol. 77, N°3.

Globalization and Access to Drugs. Perspectives on the WTO/TRIPS Agreement, 1999.
Authors: G. Velasquez, P. Boulet / WHO Health Economics and Drugs, DAP Series, N7.

Intellectual Property Rights and the Pharmaceutical Industry The Consequence of Incomplete Protection, 1999.
William McArthur / in Competitive Strategies for the Protection of Intellectual Property, edited by Owen Lippert, The Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 85-104.

L'OMS se penche sur les rapports entre commerce et produits pharmaceutiques, 1999.
Author: Valery Abramov / Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS).

TRIPS and Pharmaceuticals, 1999.
Author: Eva Ombaka / Echoes, the World Council of Churches' cluster on "Issues and Themes", Justice, Peace and Creation team.

Can patents deter innovation? The anticommons in biomedical research, 1998.
Authors: M.A. Heller, R.S Eisenberg / Science, N°280, pp. 698-701.

Pharmaceuticals: the role of biotechnology and patents, 1998.
Author: J. Dumoulin, J./ Biotechnology and Development Monitor, N°35, p.13-15

The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Product Patents in India: Heartless Exploitation of the Poor and Suffering, 1998.
J. Olson Lanjouw / National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper, N°6366

Health Economics: The Uruguay Round and Drugs, 1997.
Carlos M. Correa / WHO.

Product Patent Reform and its Impact on Korea's Pharmaceutical Industry, 1996.
Sumner J. La Croix, Akihiko Kawaura / International Economic Journal, Vol. 10, N°1, Spring 1996.

Alternative Drug Pricing Policies in the Americas, 1995.
A.Z. Sarmiento / Health Economics and Drugs, DAP Series, WHO, N°1.
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