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IP Rights Under Investment Agreements: The TRIPS-Plus Implications for Enforcement and Protection of Public Interest
Author: Ermias Tekeste Biadgleng, South Centre

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Authors: South Centre/ CIEL

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Author: Carlos M. Correa / GRAIN.

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Author: Mario W. Cardullo / WIPO.

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Author: Peter Nunnenkamp and Julius Spatz / Kiel Institute for World Economics.

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Author: Lorenza Martinez Trigueros, Roberto Romero Hidalgo

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Author: Phillip McCalman / Department of Economics, University of California.

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Author: Paras Gorasia / Intellectual Property Dissertation, seminar leader: Alan Story.

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Author: K. Maskus / prepared for the Conference "Public-Private Initiatives After TRIPS: Designing a Global Agenda", Brussels, 16-19 July 1997.

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Authors: Peter Drahos / Oxfam.

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Author: Edwin Mansfield / The World Bank and International Finance Corporation.

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