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New Trends in Technology Transfer: Implications for National and International Policy, 2007
Author: John Barton

Graham Dutfield, Lois Muraguri & Florian Leverve, "Exploring the Flexibilities of TRIPS to Promote Biotechnology Capacity Building & Appropriate Technology Transfer". Produced for the European Commission's 6th Framework Programme as part of the project "Impacts of the IPR Rules on Sustainable Development (IPDEV)", 2006.

UNCTAD Transfer of Technology - IP Website

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Authors: Lee G. Branstetter, Raymond Fisman, C. Fritz Foley.

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Author: Cheri Grace / Department for International Development Health Systems Resource Centre.

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, 2004.
Authors: Keith E. Maskus, Kamal Saggi, Thitima Puttitanun.

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Authors: Tony Woodgate, Duncan Sinclair / Simmons & Simmons.

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Author: Hasan Gürak / Homelink International.

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Author: based substantially on material in Monotti, A L with Ricketson, S, Universities and Intellectual Property: Ownership and Exploitation (Great Britain: Oxford University Press, 2003).

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Authors: Keith E. Maskus.

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Author: UNCTAD.

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Author: Hope Shand, ETC group / ECO, Volume 9, Issue 3, November 12, 2003.

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Author: Economic Research Service/USDA / Agricultural Outlook/October 2002.

How to Make Technology Transfer work for Human Development, 2002.
Author: Paper by ITDG prepared for the People’s Global Forum.

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Author: Anatole F Krattiger, bioDevelopments LLC (International Consultants), USA /Switzerland
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Author: Alireza Naghavi / University College Dublin, Università Bocconi.

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Author: Linsu Kim / UNCTAD/ICTSD Capacity Building Project on Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Development.

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Author: Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine, University of Minnestota and UCLA

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Author: Paras Gorasia / Intellectual Property Dissertation, seminar leader: Alan Story.

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Authors: Biswajit Dhar and C. Niranjan Rao, with inputs by Veena Gupta / UNCTAD.

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Author: UNCTAD.

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Author: Elif Bascavusoglu, M. P. Zuniga (Université de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne).

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Author: Lepi T. Tarmidi / Institute of International Business, Indonesia , 2001.

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Author: Maria Giovanna Bosco.

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Author: Uday Bhanu Sinha / Department of Economics, National University of Singapore, Working Paper, N°0106.

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Author: C. Correa / Third World Network (TWN).

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Author: Michelle Connolly / Duke University, Economics Department, Working Paper, N°97-34.

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Author: Keith Maskus / Prepared for the Conference "Public-Private Initiatives After TRIPS: Designing a Global Agenda", Brussels, July 16-19, 1997.

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Author: Edwin Mansfield / The World Bank and International Finance Corporation.

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Author: William L. LaFuze / Prepared for: The World Intellectual Property Organization Asian Regional Roundtable on International Developments in the Field of Intellectual Property.

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