Informal consultations: The future work of the IGC: toward an effective protection of traditional knowledge and folklore

Informal Consultations organised by ICTSD, IDDRI, IUCN, CIEL and QUNO.
Geneva, Switzerland, 27 September 2005.

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Work at the Intergovernmental Committee on Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore has been advancing toward the design and implementation of some limited measures against misappropriation of genetic resources and traditional knowledge as well as possible establishment of a set of objectives and principles for the protection of traditional knowledge and folklore. At the Eighth Session of the IGC, WIPO Member States agreed to recommend to the 2005 General Assembly to extend the current mandate of the IGC for the 2005 – 2007 biennium. This recommendation will be taken up by the WIPO General Assembly.

The Eighth Session was characterized by considerable discussion as to whether – with its present mandate – discussions at IGC remain conducive to an adequate international solution to the intellectual property related concerns that arise out of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore. Despite uncertainty over the future mandate of the IGC, it seems that its work will continue and attention will be placed on substantive issues regarding traditional knowledge protection and folklore. Members have started to engage with specific comments and proposals of a possible set of provisions that could address some current concerns including
positive protection and sui generis systems.

In order to respond to these challenges, various CSOs, including IUCN, IDDRI, CIEL, QUNO and ICTSD would like to initiate some consultations with developed and developing country negotiators in Geneva to discuss future work in the IGC and possible strategies that could be undertaken to ensure effective protection for traditional innovations and creations.

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